Why Do I Have A Flappy Vagina?

Many women around the world suffer from vaginal looseness. This has become an increasing cause for concern as more women learn that there are solutions to this female sexual problem. Women with loose vaginas find it hard to reach their sexual climax and don’t feel the same friction during sexual intercourse. This rolls over into a lack of self confidence towards all areas of life. It’s important to improve the tightness of your vagina to regain this sexual confidence.

There are a few indicators that will tell you that your vaginal has lost its tightness. The first is urinary stress. You may notice that you experience slight urine leakage caused by weak bladder muscles. These symptoms may be more common in times where you are sneezing, laughing, and lifting heavy objects. The pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened with kegel exercises. This will help to eliminate the problem.

Another major indicator of a flappy vagina is when you have difficulty gripping your index finger inside the vagina. If you finger slides in and out without any sort of restraint or gripping from the vagina it’s very true your vagina has become loose. If you can insert multiple fingers without any sort of resistance it’s time to do something about your condition.

If you have issues orgasming this is a very strong indication your vagina has slackened. Due to lack of tightness you don’t fully feel the sexual stimulation your partner provides. This can even make it difficult for him to reach orgasm as well.